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Science Communication

In today's world, science has become and highly specialized, making it more difficult to make scientific knowledge accessible and relatable to the public, even to those with a general science background. 

Science communication is communicating scientific information to a non-expert audience (the public). Science communication informs the public about scientific advances and their benefit to humankind, thereby influencing thoughts, emotions, and actions that can change the world.

Today's scientists receive little formal training in this area and often struggle to talk about their research outside the academic bubble. In other words, many scientists with years or even decades of training may find it easier to present their ideas at a highly specialized scientific conference than to create a few minutes of TikToks or Reels explaining the same concepts. 

At the Haddad lab, we aim to improve the state of science communication training in postsecondary institutions. We do this by studying how science communication is currently taught and by developing better ways to teach it at these institutions. ​By doing this research, our hope is to encourage more institutions to emphasize this essential skill in their curricula. 

Science news cycle

Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD) Comics

Current opportunities in the Haddad Lab related to science communication projects

There are currently no open spots for science communication projects in The Haddad Lab. Please check back again around or after October 2023!

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